Total Rewards at Great River Health embodies the comprehensive range of benefits and offerings we provide to our valued employees. It is more than just traditional compensation and benefits and is a holistic approach to recognizing, appreciating, and enhancing the overall employee experience. Total Rewards encompasses a wide array of elements that address our employee’s professional and personal needs, aiming to support and enrich various aspects of their lives.

This multifaceted program integrates six key areas:

  1. My Compensation: We ensure fair and competitive pay that recognizes your contributions and expertise.
  2. My Benefits: We offer a comprehensive package of healthcare, insurance, retirement plans, and other valuable programs to safeguard your well-being.
  3. My Personal Growth and Development: We provide opportunities for professional development, career growth, and skill enhancement to foster your ongoing success.
  4. My Recognition: We celebrate your achievements and acknowledge your dedication through various recognition initiatives, highlighting the value you bring to our organization.
  5. My Well-being: Programs, activities, and resources that are designed to enhance physical, financial, and emotional well-being
  6. My Purpose: We strive to create a meaningful work environment where you can find fulfillment and make a positive impact on the lives of others in our communities.

By integrating these elements, Total Rewards demonstrates our commitment to investing in our employees and their families, ensuring that they feel valued, supported, and engaged throughout their journey with Great River Health. It is our way of recognizing that they are more than an employee; they are an essential part of our organization’s success and mission.

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