The meaningful connection between our daily work, each other, our patients and the communities we serve.

Our Mission

Great River Health empowers our people to provide compassionate, high-quality care while being good stewards of our resources.

Our Credo
  • I show respect
  • I am committed to those we serve
  • I am responsible for safety and high performance
  • I listen and communicate effectively
  • I have a sense of ownership
Employee Value Proposition

Great River Health, where purposeful connections empower our united journey.

At Great River Health, our Employee Value Proposition signifies the profound, intentional relationships our employees forge—not just amongst themselves, but with patients and our communities. These aren't brief interactions but deeply meaningful connections that enrich the lives of all involved. It underscores our commitment to recognizing and amplifying the individual contributions of every member of our team, emphasizing unity and collaboration. Simply put, we're on a shared mission to provide exceptional care with compassion, together.

Community Connection

Great River Health has a deep-rooted commitment to nurturing the health and well-being of the communities in Southeast Iowa. We ensure regular community health needs assessments are done every three years, forging stronger ties with our communities. Through proactive collaboration with local Public Health Departments, we diligently seek out the most pressing health care gaps, leveraging face-to-face interviews, comprehensive data analysis, and wide-reaching surveys. This invaluable information steers our actions, enabling us to tailor our services, expand access to care, and elevate the health standards for residents in Des Moines, Lee, and Henry Counties, and the entirety of our service region.

Furthermore, the heart of our commitment to giving back is embodied in our Foundation's efforts. Collaborating with community members, organizations, and businesses, the Great River Health Foundation actively raises vital financial resources, ensuring the persistent delivery of high-quality health care to all.

At Great River Health, we don't just serve the community; we are an integral part of it.

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