Programs, activities, and resources designed to enhance physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

Paid Time Off

Great River Health offers a generous PTO plan that combines vacation, sick days, personal days and holidays into one account to give you maximum flexibility in taking the time you need. Our PTO plan also allows for employees to carryover up to 1,040 hours from year to year. Benefit eligible employees accrue PTO based on hours worked and years of service and new hires begin accruing time immediately after employment begins.

PTO Accrual Table for Non-exempt (Hourly) Employees:  
Years of ServiceMax Amount of PTO
Earned Annually
Rate per Regular Hours Worked
0 thru 323 days = 184 hours0.0885
4 thru 1228 days = 224 hours0.1077
13 thru 1833 days = 264 hours0.1269
19 or more38 days = 304 hours0.1462
PTO Accrual Table for Exempt (Salaried) Employees:  
Years of ServiceMax Amount of PTO
Earned Annually
Rate per Regular Hours Worked
0 thru 325 days = 200 hours0.0962
4 thru 1230 days = 240 hours0.1154
13 thru 1835 days = 280 hours0.1346
19 or more38 days = 304 hours0.1462
PTO Accrual Table for Management Employees
(Managers & Above):
Years of ServiceMax Amount of PTO
Earned Annually
Rate per Regular Hours Worked
0 thru 328 days = 224 hours0.1077
4 thru 1233 days = 264 hours0.1269
13 or more38 days = 304 hours0.1462

CWA employees should refer to their CWA agreement.

PTO Buy-back

Eligible employees can participate in the PTO Buy-back program. This program allows employees to manage their PTO balances and for employees during an annual election period.
PTO buy-back limits are calculated using the following equation: (Scheduled hours x PTO Accrual Rate) x # of pay periods. Examples:

  • (20 hrs x .0962) x # of pay periods
  • (64 hrs x .0962) x # of pay periods
  • (80 hrs x .1154) x # of pay periods
Paid Parental Leave

Effective 1/1/2024, birth and non-birth parents will receive two weeks of fully-paid parental leave to support employees in their journey to parenthood and promote a healthy work-life balance. Paid parental leave can be taken for various reasons, including the birth or adoption of a child, and is a critical component of GRH’s family-friendly work environment. Employees must be in a FBE or PBE status.

Leave of Absence

We understand that somteimes employees have a need to be away from work. For that reason, our leave of absence program allows for unpaid time away from work for medical (including pregnancy and maternity leave), personal, or military reasons. A minimum of a four (4) week notice is expected, except in the case of an emergency. In emergency situations, a verbal request may be made followed by a written request. In the case of an emergency all leave forms must be completed within 15 days from the first day of the leave. Please contact Employee Health at 319-768-3346 to review your options.

CWA employees should refer to the CWA agreement.

Other Leaves

To support our employees during times of grief and loss of a family-member, we offer employer-paid bereavement leave in accordance with our GRH Employer Paid Bereavement Leave policy. Please refer to the policy for the number of eligible paid days.

Jury Duty
As part of our committment to the community, we believe it is our civic responsbility to serve on a jury, and in some instances, act as a subpoenaed court witness. For this reason, we provide eligible employees with income protection while carrying our their civic responsibilites. Please refere to the GRHS Jury Duty and Subpoena Pay for details.

Mental Wellbeing

Great River Health partners with Employee Family & Resources to offer an Employee Assistance Program at no cost to our employee.
Click here to get started

Financial Wellbeing

Fidelity provides both on-site and phone consultations for those with questions on how much to save, investment funds, etc. Employees can schedule a 30 minute appointment with a representative on our campuses each month.
Click Here to book an On-site Appointment with a Fidelity Representative.

Other Resources:

Employee Discounts

Corporate Shopping Company
​​​​​​​Corporate Shopping Company is a leader in bringing premium brand products at exclusive savings direct to employees of today’s largest corporations. Click here for the informational flyer

Employees of Great River Health are eligible to receive discounts on food purchases in Garden Patio Café.

Car Rental
Hertz: Click Here to view our Corporate Discount ID.

Cell Phones

  • T Mobile: Click Here to obtain our corporate code on our GRHS sharepoint.
  • US Cellular: Visit and enter your work email address or take your badge into a US Cellular Store.
  • Verizon: DOCTORS AND NURSE - Visit local Verizon store and show proof of employer with your badge with your title.

Legal Services
Robberts & Kirkman, L.L.L.P. offers discounts for Great River Health employees. Click here for more information.

Vehicle Advantage™
This program provides a personal vehicle concierge service. A vehicle advisor works with employees to purchase a new or used vehicle. For more information, visit or email [email protected] or call 877-683-0110

Thomas Savage- Licensed Massage Therapist/ Advanced Reiki Practitioner is offering discounts to GRH employees. Click here for more information. 

Employee Financial Assistance

Employee Emergency Assistance Fund
For our employees that are experiencing a financial hardship, we are pleased to offer an Employee Emergency Assistance Fund that is available for active Great River Health employees who encounter crisis situations of emergency (serious situations happening unexpectedly that demand immediate attention). The emergency fund is not equipped to provide aide to employees who
are experiencing hardships due to increases in cost of living, fuel costs, home heating, refundable deposits, lawyer fees, or routinely anticipated bills. Click here to review instructions and the application.

PTO Donation Program
Great River Health offers a PTO donation program that allows for employees experiencing a medical emergency to request PTO donations from other employees within our Great River Health family. Click here to access to PTO Donation Request application.

Kid Kare
Health Fitness Membership
  • GRH Employees - may enroll in Health Fitness for free. You do have to make an appointment to register and receive an active membership card prior to using the facilities.
  • Employee + 1 - An employee may add one person who lives at the same address. The employee + 1 fee is $22 per month.
  • Employee + Family of four - An employee may add their family who live at the same address. The family of four fee is $50 per month; $10 for each additional family member.
  • Your membership is also good at the Fort Madison campus Facility
  • Please call 4191 (319-768-4191) for more information.

Available to HCHC associates, the You're In Our Thoughts (YIOT) Club provides an opportunity for recognition and assistance during life events. Please review the full details under the Total Rewards Education Lab section.

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