The formal and informal ways to appreciate and celebrate each other.

Service Awards

We deeply value the dedication and loyalty of our employees. We understand that the foundation of our success rests on the commitment and passion of those who choose to build their careers with us. To show our appreciation, we host an annual celebration specifically to honor the service milestones our employees achieve. Whether it's 5 years or a remarkable 40 or more, each milestone represents a testament to the lasting relationships we cultivate. These anniversaries not only symbolize our employees' dedication but also the mutual growth we've shared over the years. It's a tradition we hold dear, as it allows us to express our gratitude and recognize the invaluable contributions of our long-standing team members.

Excellence in Practice

"Excellence in practice" at Great River Health embodies the dedication and exemplary work our employees display daily, mirroring our deeply-held CREDO values. These values encompass respect, commitment, responsibility, communication, and ownership. To acknowledge and celebrate the outstanding performances that exemplify these standards, we annually present the "Excellence in Practice" award. This prestigious accolade is granted within our health system in various categories. These include Leadership Excellence, Clinical Excellence, Service Excellence, Community Excellence, Nursing Excellence, Physician/Advanced Practice Professional Excellence, and a special recognition for the 'Rookie of the Year'. Through these awards, we aim to shine a spotlight on those who consistently elevate the standards of care and service in their respective fields.

Celebrating Learning Achievements
We believe in the pursuit of knowledge and the power of learning. To honor our employees who go the extra mile in their personal and professional development, whether they earn a new certification or advanced degree, the employee can choose between private acknowledgement or a public celebration to mark their milestone.
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