Career opportunities, learning, and other experiences that support professional and personal growth.

Education Assistance

In our health system, we understand that continuous learning and certifications are foundational to your professional well-being. Committed to championing your career evolution, beginning January 1, 2024 we will provide Education Assistance to inspire and aid you in advancing your studies and obtaining relevant certifications. Eligible part-time and full-time members eager to enhance their current skills or boost their potential for growth can seek reimbursement for qualifying tuition. Full-time members can be reimbursed up to $5,250 annually for tuition and $500 for approved certifications, while part-time members can access up to $2,625 for tuition and $250 for approved certifications.

Career Opportunities

Whether you're currently part of our health system team or an outside applicant, we offer opportunities for career growth and advancement. We invite you to check out our careers page and discover the best positions for you:
Career Opportunities | Great River Health

Learning Opportunities

We recognize that healthcare is a constantly changing field, and we aim to keep you updated with its latest trends. Every year, we expect our team to engage in mandatory training to ensure we provide the safest care and uphold the integrity of our mission. This Annual Training is conducted via online learning modules within our Workday HR system.

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